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Welcome to the Café Lumières

Welcome to the Café Lumières! There are many Enlightenment research institutions worldwide, and while talking with colleagues at ISECS in the summer of 2019 in Edinburgh we had the idea of creating a digital meeting space to encourage the informal exchange of ideas and to help generate connections between colleagues and their projects.

Front of the Voltaire Foundation building in Oxford
Voltaire Foundation, Oxford

The IZEA in Halle and the Voltaire Foundation in Oxford are co-sponsoring this blog, and we invite other research centres and colleagues to join us and to contribute to the dialogue, in German, French or English as they prefer.

We are very grateful to Birgit Mikus (birgit.mikus(at), Theresa Schön (theresa.schoen(at) and Andrea Thiele (andrea.thiele(at) for their work in managing and editing this blog. Please do contact us with your ideas and suggestions.

In the best traditions of Enlightenment sociability, we hope that Café Lumières will become a place of genial, friendly exchange between Enlightenment researchers and students of all disciplines. We look forward to seeing you there!

Nicholas Cronk
Director of the Voltaire Foundation

Elisabeth Décultot
Director of IZEA

Daniel Fulda
Director of IZEA